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/personal:persona website [A1] 10%. Develop a website to house your semester's work. Full guidelines handed out in class in Week 2, and described here -- due Friday Sept 15 (edited). Post to the 'general' channel of the Digital Studio Slack group (sign up here or from link in schedule)
/the 6th E project [A2] 15%. Drawing from canonical theoretical essays such as Benjamin's The Artwork in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, art movements such as the Fluxus, street art, as well as recent DIY and craft movements, you will create and employ the mechanically reproduced object, or the 'multiple', to address an aspect of the 6th Extinction +/or the Athropocene. Your multiple might address environmental solutions, education, human survival or the survival of other species, +/or address some aspect of a speculative future (utopian or dystopian). Due in class on Oct 13 (updated 10/01).
Full guidelines described here

/code instructional [A3] 5/15%. Following in the tradition of conceptual artists like Sol LeWitt we will write a recipe or instruction for a dynamic abstract painting in natural language and then build one of our peer's instructional. :::A3::: described hereSubmit to openprocessing

/digital avant garde/ plan for final [A4] 5%. Research and develop plan for final. Full guidelines for A4 and A5 outlined here. Due Sunday Nov. 26.

/final project [A5] 20% You will work with a received dynamic painting that a peer has created (it will be emailed to you); you will take it in a new direction inspired by the methods of an avant garde art tradition of your choice (and that you have researched), and you will make it interactive in some way. Due Date Thursday Dec 14. Regular check ins to determine progress throughout the last 4 weeks of the semester. Full guidelines for A4 and A5 outlined here. Due Thursday Dec. 14th.

/class exercises 10%. We will have in-class exercises demonstrating various technical processes throughout the semester. When prompted, I will ask students to email me their work or post it to their websites.