A Talk by Multispecies Storyteller Ciclón L.T. Olivares and Roundtable Speaker Discussion with Oliver Kellhammer and Margaretha Haughwout, moderated by Maya Kóvskaya

I was so honored to be invited to be in conversation with Ciclón, Maya, and Oliver about Ciclón\’s talk, Quantum Constellations: Casting a Circle of Protection in the Necrocene:

\”This lecture introduces critical encounters with wildlife and roadkill in the place settlers renamed as New Jersey; called Lenapehoking at least 10,000 years prior. Transmedia fragments (poetry, photography, video, storytelling) will be used to frame affective engagements with eco grief and hope, creating a dialectic between exoteric and esoteric narrations. The talk will introduce intersectional philosophies that connect critical animal studies with the Sixth Great Extinction. Transportation networks, such as the railroad and highway, will be interrogated in relation to their extractive legacies and discussed alongside feral justice, the multispecies commons, and creaturely care ethics. At its core, Ciclón’s lecture will animate a discussion about the role played by aesthetics, magic, and quantum enchantment in more than human entanglements.\”

I loved Ciclón\’s talk so much, and how they offered the gift of time through grief and relationship.

More information can be found at the eventbrite listing, and on the AMOR MUNDI Multispecies Ecological Worldmaking Lab facebook page.


Image by Ciclón L. T. Olivares
Image by Ciclón L. T. Olivares