‘Intelligence’ at Guapamacataro Arts and Ecology Center Residency

I am developing a new creative work, currently untitled, to be conducted over the next two years. It explores the relationship between artificial intelligence and plant intelligence through a science fictive, dystopian prompt.

I am eager to think through the ways nature is cultivated under late capitalism in different parts of the globe, and how different cultivations expose different potentials for resistance. Plants, like machines, and like women in centuries past, provide unpaid labor and resources for capital. In the US, historical natures are appropriated in such a way so as to constrain the co-production of viable resources both to humans and to other plants and critters.

I developed the conceptual underpinnings of this project at the Guapamacataro Arts and Ecology Center Residency in Michoacan, Mexico this winter. This residency was ideal, because of its interdisciplinary approach, its emphasis on permaculture and the commons. My solo creative time was punctuated by excellent crits, field trips to the Monarch sanctuary, and an infusion into the provocative work of my peers.

The Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology is a site-based and community-oriented initiative where artists from different disciplines, scientists, educators and activists converge to foster culture, collaboration and sustainable development.

Visualizing my writing in my residency studio
I offered a Guerrilla Grafting workshop at Guapamacátaro
Making mugwort dream pillows in between extensive writing sessions