multi-stellar-inter-species-workers-union at STWST48x8 DEEP

The Multi-Stellar Inter-Species Workers\’ Union fights for the biotariat across galaxies, for the collectivization of all *solar systems*. As part of the stwst48x8, the “Voyager 2” will be sent an update. MSISWU invites interstellar workers of all species to the Third Intergalactic Commune to end the terra-de-formation of Earth.

Fabi Borges and Philip Leitner are my human collaborators.

Visit our site, become a union member, and add to our interstellar message:

The STWST curatorial statement begins:
\”Finally, yes: DEEP is the New Dark.
After Deep Politics, Deep Economy, Deep Industry or Deep Science, the new appropriation of depth continues.
Art and research are moving into the deep. We are mining and fracking our minds.
In DEEP we find not only Deep Learning, Mind or Data, but also Deep Fake, Deep Exploitation, a lot of contradictions and an archaic mixture of mud, Gaia, Meta, Weltgeist, pre-modernity, of wild thinking, dark mirrors and speculation.\”