Grafters X Change in 2021

Grafters X Change [] is a bioregional eco-art event where fruit tree enthusiasts converge to share scionwood and seeds, skills and companionship. We are committed to ecological justice and honor ancestral legacies of multispecies collaboration and care. Since we can’t do a big event, Marisa and I have been dreaming up more distributed ways we can keep our passion for grafting commons alive.

This year, we are beginning a multi-year project of cultivating ruderal root stock to graft onto, as a way to begin exploring how ruderal root stock might support climate vulnerable fruits in the Capitalocene; we will focus on growing out and grafting wild hawthorn in 2021. In the interest of sharing knowledge, we will help coordinate tree walks in various neighboring communities in New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. We will also be sharing a 1-800 number through which folks can share what grafting activities they are up to.