Computer as Medium, or Beyond the Commons, or From Cybernetics to Permaculture

n the Film and Digital Media Department of the University of California Santa Cruz.
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A conceptual, perceptual and technical class.

from the syllabus:
in this class we will make connections between digital and physical realms. we do this while investigating a variety systems — from cybernetics to permaculture. for the first half of the class we will conduct assessments of the computer as a medium: what it takes for inputs, what it outputs, who and what it connects, who and what it connects to, who or what it does not connect. we finish the quarter by developing individual or collaborative projects that consider the computer in a whole systems context.

by the end of the quarter, students should understand how design situates within a whole systems context of vision, strategy and assessment, and have a specific eye for how the computer functions in whole systems both as hardware and as software. students can expect to have time and space to develop their abilities as digital creators and to have a deepened grasp of the creative process.