APRIORI: Notes for Haunting Property at Bennington College Usdan Gallery for Queer Paranormal

APRIORI is a techno-botanical coven (incl. myself, Efrén Cruz Cortés, Suzanne Husky, Lynn DeSilva Johnson [Elæ]) whose mission is to track and encourage emerging revolutionary ecologies of work between plants and machines.

For Queer Paranormal, curated by the Two Chairs collective and Anne Thompson, APRIORI shared a number of elements of our project in the gallery — including spell-to-seed packets, a SpellWeaver interface, a large diagram of our speculative history, maps, mugwort harvested from the fields of Bennington campus on summer full moons, and a film where herbalists are asked what plants they would choose to teach ethics to machines.

I also developed a walk and a set of sites indicating planted and found plants operating as ‘signs’ that indicate the rise of modernity and the rise of intelligent machines, as well as pointing potential ways out of modernity.