FDM 194C: Senior READING Seminar in NEW MEDIA -- Schedule

week 1 framing discipline and control

screening: modern times
Tu: syllabus, introductions.
Th: due: foucault: (handout/ pdf), chun: forward, intro, interlude
image analysis of early personal computer ad due saturday noon (email & post to the blog OK)

week 2 power and desire in a control society

Tu: chun: 1-2, foucault of other spaces(pdf) or postscript on societies of control, by michel foucault
Th: chun: 3, freud & deleuze define desire (handout/ pdf)
response paper due
analysis of your OS due saturday noon

week 3 paranoia, terror and cyber-orientalism

screening: ghost in the shell I
Tu: chun: 4-5
Th: scarry: - 911 (handout/ pdf)
response paper due

week 4 networks

Tu: galloway/thacker: prolegomenon & nodes
Th: retort collective: (handout/ pdf)
response paper due

week 5 reciprocity

Tu: galloway/thacker: edges
Th: ensensberger/ baudrillard/ excerpt of the gift
response paper due

week 6 mobs, agents, swarms

Tu: shirky: 1-5
Th: johnson (handout/ pdf)
response paper due

week 7 beyond the institutional

Tu: shirky: 6-9
abstract for final paper due
Th: rheingold (handout/ pdf), deleuze and guattari's BwO (handout/ pdf)
response paper due

week 8 20th century legacy

Tu: hayles: 1-6
Th: wiener, macy conf, morse (handout/ pdf) screening: the net
response paper due

week 9 embodiment and virtuality

screening: the matrix
Tu: hayles: 7-11
Th: harraway, massumi (handout/ pdf)
response paper due

week 10 participatory aesthetics

Tu: boal
Th: brecht, artaud, borriaud, mouffe, turkle (handout/ pdf)
final paper due