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Margaretha Haughwout’s personal and collaborative artwork manipulates technology and wilderness, digital networks and the urban commons, cybernetics and whole systems permaculture to antagonize regimes of property and the ways of knowing that support those regimes. Haughwout’s active collaborations include APRIORI, a faux research and development group that uncovers revolutionary ecologies between plants and machines; the Guerrilla Grafters: an art/ activist group who graft fruit bearing branches onto non-fruit bearing, ornamental street trees; Trees of Tomorrow, a collaboration across numerous institutions in Flushing Queens that uncover the hidden politics of ornamental street trees; and the Coastal Reading Group: consisting of artists from different coasts who trouble the subjects of wilderness, speciation, humanness and ways of knowing through diverse engagements with nonhumans. Understanding practice to be the work of trying over time to make one’s engagements better, and survival to require flourishing multi-species cohabitation, mutuality and care, her expanded studio includes experimentation with both electrical and political power, interactive narratives, and the cultivation of biological systems.

Haughwout has been awarded numerous grants for community based art works, and her personal and collaborative artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Haughwout received her MFA from the Digital Art and New Media program at the University of California Santa Cruz, her Permaculture Design Certificate from the Urban Permaculture Institute, has studied with numerous herbalists including Matthew Wood. She holds a certificate from the California School of Herbal Studies. In her classes as Assistant Professor of Digital Studio at Colgate University, she draws connections to legacies in conceptual art, new media art, and collaboration, in order to foster distributed, artistic approaches to the interconnected issues of our time/s.