Recent Writing

2017. Environment, Space, Place. “We Weave and Heft by the River.”

ISEA 2015 Proceedings. “Guerrilla Grafters.”

2015. Salted Lash. “Desertification.”

2010. CSPA Quarterly. “Weeds can help us belong to a place.”

2009. Short Statements on Knowledge Production. “Manifesto for Being in All Ways Lost.” ed. Natalie Loveless

2009. Nictoglobe. “Cultivating America.”

2008. The 2nd Biennial 01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge. Various texts.

2008. “Country Western.” CD recording by Zachary James Watkins. Cover poem.

2006. First Monday. “A Reflecting and/or Refracting Pool: When a local community becomes autonomous online.”

Recent Press

2015. Basé sur des entretiens avec Margaretha Haughwout. par Suzanne Husky

2015. Guerrilla Grafters Quietly Grow Fruit On City Trees Using RFID Tags, Arduinos, by Jennifer Glenfield

In Hoodline

Activists Covertly Grafting Fruit Branches Onto Decorative Trees In San Francisco, by Megan Goldsby