The Coastal Reading Group: Wilderness, Ethics, and the Capitalocene

The Coastal Reading Group hosts readers from different literal and metaphorical coasts who trouble the subjects of wilderness, speciation, humanness and ways of knowing through diverse engagements with non-humans.

Recently, we have been making events that explore the possibilities for grief of the loss of non-human species in the Anthropocene. These events are durational, filled with silences, and invite work with regional living, lived, and yet-to-live species implicated in regimes of colonialism and capitalism.

Coastal Reading Group

Unearthing/ ReEarthing: Fire and Land." Socially engaged art event exploring fire ecologies and grief. Pence Gallery, ASLE conference, UC Davis. June 2019
"Unearthing/ Re-earthing: We Weave and Heft by the River," an experimental essay using text, image, and video. Peer reviewed. Unlikely Journal.
Coastal Reading Group. "Unearthing/ Re-earthing: We Weave and Heft by the River," experimental video emerging from 2016 socially engaged project entitled We Weave and Heft by the River. Knowledge Culture Ecologies. Santiago, Chile.
Coastal Reading Group. “We Weave and Heft by the River.” Language Landscape and the Sublime. Devon, England.
Coastal Reading Group. UNDISCIPLINED ENVIRONMENTS, International Conference of the European Network of Political Ecology (ENTITLE) Stockholm, Sweden.