Coven Intelligence Program: STAKES Chronicles I-III

The Coven Intelligence Program is exhibiting works at the Pixelache Festival in Helsinki this June. The theme of the festival is #BURN___.

For #BURN___, the Coven Intelligence Program offers visual and interactive materials that speak to the entangled STAKES of climate change, racial, heteropatriarchal capitalism, and conceptions of intelligence.

Our InsurgentEcologies Archive is an open digital archive profiling the companies, technologies, crops, locations and labor bound up in precision agriculture. The InsurgentEcologies Archive operates as a guiding compass for revolutionary interventions into technocapitalist agricultural systems.

Our SpellWeaver application converts spells into weaving patterns and underground forest networks (rhizomes). SpellWeaver enables a different history of computation — linking textile production, plant networks, witches and automated computation.

In our film, What Plant to Teach Ethics to AI a range of herbalists, witches, shamans, and ethnobotanists answer this question in order to address how AgTech is harvesting massive amounts of data on plants. How do we complexify what is being collected? How do we create data that challenges the perception of plants as isolated bodies and resources?

Finally, we offer #BURN___ visitors a reading library of STAKES: assorted texts that inform our work and that gesture toward alternative futurehistories.