Trees of Tomorrow

I am excited to launch a new project, Trees of Tomorrow, in collaboration with Cody Herrmann and Julian Phillips of Social Practice Queens, Gregory Sholette and Randall Szott, Guerrilla Grafters, and the John Bowne Agricultural High School. True to form, it is a sprawling collaboration.

Trees of Tomorrow is a guided, speculative tour of the trees of Flushing, Queens — exposing the ways trees shape, and are shaped by, neighborhoods, economies, and soils of Flushing; a complementary self-guided tour publication, echoing a futuristic theme, to be distributed with registration materials; and a speculative workstation where we collectively collapse the nature/society divide through specific cultural uses of a sampling of Flushing’s trees and tree grafting. Trees of Tomorrow asks how to empower new naturalcultural futures that enable local solidarity and survival across species.”