Trees of Tomorrow: The Hidden Politics of Ornamental Street Trees

Trees of Tomorrow is an exploration of the hidden politics of ornamental street trees in Flushing Queens — the site of the first commercial nurseries in the colonies, where nature arguably gets defined and othered in early modernity.

Trees of Tomorrow is a guided, speculative tour of the trees of Flushing, Queens — exposing the ways trees shape, and are shaped by, neighborhoods, economies, and soils of Flushing; a tour publication, echoing a futuristic theme; a speculative workstation where, in collaboration with teens from John Bowne High School Agricultural Department, we generate visual art, stories and cultivations of Flushing’s trees and tree grafting; and an ever evolving map/network/system where, through conversations with neighbors in Flushing, we make collaborative art that tracks the political pasts, presents and futures across naturecultures. Trees of Tomorrow asks how to empower new natural cultural futures that enable local solidarity and survival across species.