Immersion reveals how people are connected via email: Immersion

Check back for more links added over the course of the semester....

We will be using a range of applications over the semester, including
- spreadsheets,
- Tableau Public,
- Processing and
- Git/ GitHub.

Online Processing Resources:
- video lectures by Daniel Shiffman
- - online programming course

Class Demos:
- Week 2 Examples
- Week 3 Examples
- Week 4 Examples
- Week 5 examples
- Week 6 examples (on Michael's site)
- Week 7 example
- wk 12 example code (working with xml, writing files)

Partial List of Sites that Share their Data:
- National Phenology Network see: the download data page (note: you may need to set up an account with nature's notebook to access this data).
- DataSF

Git and GitHub:
We will be using github to organize our assignments. You can also use it to track changes and updates to the websites. Some introductions and tutorials on github are offered below:
- git reference
- Good Resources for Learning Git and GitHub
- Branches in a Nutshell
- Remote Branches
- Basic Branching and Merging