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Code Examples from Class
- Week 2 Examples (beginning)
- Week 3 Code Examples (if statements)
- Week 4 Code Examples (loops)
- Week 5 Code examples (arrays, functions, objects)
- Week 6 examples
- Week 7 Arduino lesson

:::::Directions for SUbmitting work to GITHUB::::::
directions for submitting work to github

A1 examples:


Resources, Processing
Getting Started:

- video lectures by Daniel Shiffman
- - online programming course

Resources, Arduino + Electronics
Getting Started With Electronics by Forrest M.Mims III - online textbook covering basic electronics - Arduino video tutorials
How to read a schematic
electrical symbols

Electronics Tutorials
Using a flex sensor
Reading a soft potentiometer
simple buttons
piezos -- fade tone, pitches, three tones, also possible tone pitch follower
Motor tutorial
- transistors see
mosfet datasheet
- H-Bridge: motor reversing w button, and 2 motors. See also: H-Bridge datasheet
- Working with a shift register

- Good Resources for Learning Git and GitHub

Resources, Color
Color 31 color resources every designer should know

Resources, Math

Electronics Vocabulary:
Resources, Critical, Conceptual, Historical