Course Overview:
Note 1: Readings are due on the day that they are listed.
Note 2: Weeks Run from Monday - Sunday.
Note 3: Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the artworks discussed in the At the Edge of Art readings as well as the artworks linked below and assigned for the given day.
Note 4: At the Edge of Art coursebook is abbreviated to Edge.


WEEK 1 Intro / Art as Antibody

March 29: Intro to Class, Syllabus, Attendance, Crashers, etc.
Read: Course Syllabus for Art 80f.

March 31 :: Art as antibody ::
Read: Edge, Introduction & vocabulary.Galloway & Thacker, excerpt from The Exploit. ARPANET, Three Kinds of Networks.
Lecture: Day 2



WEEK 2 Autobotography
April 5 :: Identity :: Authorship :: Subjectivity :: Profiles ::
Read: Edge, Autobotography (prologue, edge studies & prompts) & vocabulary. Michel Foucault, excerpt from The Author Function. Roland Barthes, The Death of the Author.
Look at: Mongrel. MBCBFTW. Jennicam. Michael Mandiberg, Shop Mandiberg. Keith Obdaike, Blackness for Sale.
Lecture: Day 3

April 7 :: Participatory Journalism :: Edge of self :: Smart mobs ::
Read: Howard Reingold, excerpt from Smart Mobs. Steve Mann "Sousveillance." Web Ecology Project, "The Iranian Election on Twitter: The First Eighteen Days."
Look at: Fluid Nexus. The Witness Project. Palabras. Oscar Grant: Police Shooting at Bart Station - Oscar Grant. Twitter. "Egyptians Connecting to the Internet via Modem, Fax, Ham Radio." .
Screening: Empire: Social Networks, Social Revolution
Lecture: Day 4

Sections :: Syllabus pop quiz :: Intro to Photoshop :: Begin Self Portrait assignment ::

April 10
Assignment Due: A1. Make a collaged self portrait in Photoshop without using any photos of your self. Use only found images. Use the Marquee tool, the magnetic lasso tool, layers, filters and blending options. Self Portait assignment due by 11:59pm. Label A1_lastname_firstname.psd. & email .psd file to your TA.


WEEK 3 Deep Play
April 12 :: Immersion :: Contemplation :: Play :: Gender ::
Read: Edge, Deep Play (prologue, edge studies & prompts). Margaret Morse, Aesthetics and Immersion. Clifford Geertz, "Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight." Sherry Turkle, Video Games and Computer Holding Power.
Look at: Char Davies, Osmose & Ephemere(links to osmose & ephemere in upper right corner of site). Second Life.
Screening: Existenz
day 5 terms

April 14 :: Games :: Formalism :: Realism ::
Galloway, Social Realism. Orson Scott Card, excerpt from Ender's Game. Jesper Juul, Introduction to Half Real.
Look at: Joseph Delappe, Dead in Iraq, Anne Marie Schleiner Operation Velvet Strike, Wafaa Bilal, Domestic Tension.
Lecture: Day 6

Sections :: Intro to Flash (or processing) :: Work on In-class Flash Assignment ::

April 17
Assignment due: None.


WEEK 4 Code as Muse
April 19 :: Process + Product :: Software Art :: Instructional Art ::
Read: Edge, "Code as Muse" (prologue, edge studies & prompts) & vocabulary. A text about Software & Art by Casey Reas
Look at: Gallery of DCSS Descrambers. Sol Lewitt. Yoko Ono. Fluxus. Mark Napier. Lia: Dextro and Turux. The Whitney Artport's CODeDOC exhibition, Casey Reas et al., Software Structures, Lee Walton, F'book: What My Friends Are Doing on Facebook (and here)
Lecture: Day 7

April 21 :: Viruses, Spiders, Bugs :: System Functionality ::
Read: Justin Parikka, "Digital Monsters, Binary Aliens - Computer Viruses, Capitalism and the Flow of Information", Csilla Burjan, In the Wild; A Chronology of Computer Viruses. Octavia Butler, Excerpt from Dawn.
Look at: Caitlin Berrigan. & vopos, epidemiC. I love you Exhibition. xtine burroughs, mail a virus.
Screening: Existenz
Lecture: Day 8

Sections :: Intro to Programming through Processing :: Begin Instructional assignment ::

April 24
Assignment due: A2. Write an instructional art piece using at least one conditional statement (if statement, a for loop, a while loop or a case statement). Example:

if (redwood_trees != 0){
     while (redwood_trees>1) {
          singOutLoud("Fake Plastic Trees');
else {

Email text file to your TA: A2_lastname_firstname.doc, and bring print out to next section.


WEEK 5 Acoustic Space
April 26 :: Context :: Locative media :: Public Space/ Private Space :: The Built Environment ::
Read: Marshall Mcluhan, The Medium is the Message; and intro to Global Village. DeCerteau on Space and Place. The Situationists on the derive and detournement.
Look at: Blast Theory, Can you See me Now (watch video)? and Day of the Figurines. Urban Tapestries, Operation Moss Graffiti, LED Throwies, TXT-a-sketch Graffiti Research Lab, Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Repositioning Fear & Displaced Emperors


April 28 :: MIDTERM ::

Sections :: Review Instructionals :: Study for final :: Generate Exam questions + study guides in small groups ::

May 1
Assignment due: None.


WEEK 6 Designing Politics
May 3 :: Database :: Hactivism :: Agonism :: Collaboration ::
Read: Lev Manovich, "Database as Symbolic Form". Vannevar Bush, "As We May Think." How Webservers Work.
Look at: Hassan Elahi. Walid Raad/ The Atlas Group.
Screening: The Yes Men Fix The World

May 5 :: Intervention :: Politics :: Hactivism :: Executability ::
Read: Edge, "Designing Politics" (prologue, edge studies & prompts) & vocabulary. Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, "Introduction" from Control and Freedom. Lawrence Lessig, "The Architecture of Privacy."
Look at: The Yes Men. rtMark. Anonymous
Review: How to sftp into
Lecture: Day 12

Sections :: Look at instructionals, select one to complete ::

May 8:
Assignment due: A3. Complete another student's instructional, document the process with image or video, and text. Put the full text of the instructional at the top of your textual description of the piece with the instructional's author.


WEEK 7 Reweaving Community
May 10 :: Copyright :: Creative Commons :: Ownership ::
Read: Edge, "Reweaving Community" (prologue, edge studies & prompts) & vocabulary. Richard Stallman, "The GNU Manifesto." Lawrence Lessig, Free Culture (Intro & 1st chapter). Creative Commons, "About" + "About the Licenses."
Look at: The Pool. DJ Spooky, The Secret Song.
Lecture: Source files for html demo

May 12 :: Narrative & Storytelling ::
Read: Janet Murray, excerpt from Hamlet on the Holodeck. Vladimir Propp, excerpt from The Morphology of the Folktale.
Look at: MBCBFTW, digital propp
Review: How to sftp into
Lecture: Day 14

Sections :: Intro to HTML & CSS :: Discuss Propp and Murray ::

May 15
Assignment Due: None.


WEEK 8 Reweaving Community 2
May 17 :: Social Media :: Social Software :: Social Networks :: Digital Divide ::
Read: Barry Wellman, Computer Networks as Social Networks. danah boyd "White Flight in Networked Publics? How Race and Class Shaped American Teen Engagement with MySpace and Facebook." Social Software
Look at: Cory Archangel, Friendster Suicide.
Screening: RIP: Remix Manifesto
Reference: key concepts in RIP: Remix Manifesto

May 19 :: Indigenous Media ::
Read: Joline Blais, Indigenous Domain: Permaculture Pumpkins and Pearl Eric Raymond, "The Cathedral and the Bazaar."
Look at: D-Tower.
Lecture: Day 16

Sections :: Introduction to the Pool, review entries ::

May 22
Assignment Due: A4. Use Propp's narratemes to construct a branching narrative using images and text in a webpage. See details on assignment page


WEEK 9 Preserving Artificial and Real Life
May 24 :: Articifical Life :: Cybernetics :: Emergence :: Feedback :: Autopoesis :: Variable Media ::
Read: Edge, "Preserving Artificial Life" (prologue, edge studies & prompts) & vocabulary. Steven Johnson, excerpt from Emergence. The Turing Game: Exploring Identity in an Online Environment.
Look at: Conway's Game of Life, Variable Media Network, Chuck Close.
Lecture: Day 17

May 26 :: Real Life :: Eco-art :: Urban Gardening Art :: Bio Art :: Tending the Physical Commons ::
Symbiotica. Phil Ross. Natalie Jeremijienko. Future Farmers. CAE
Screening: Strange Culture.
Lecture: Day 18

Sections :: Develop Ideas to contribute to The Pool :: Discuss readings ::

May 29
Assignment Due: None.


WEEK 10 The Posthuman
May 31 :: Information :: Bodies :: Cyborgs :: Virtual Labor :: Commodity Fetishism ::
Read: Katherine Hayles, excerpt from How We Became Post Human. Donna Haraway, The Cyborg Manifesto. Jennifer S. Light, "When Computers Were Women"
Look at: Stephanie Rothenberg, Double Happiness Jeans.
Lecture: Day 19

June 2 :: Redefining Art ::
Read: Edge, "Redefining Art" (prologue, edge studies & prompts) & vocabulary.
Lecture: Day 20

Sections :: Generate Exam questions + study guides ::

June 5
Assignment due: None.


Final Exam :: Wednesday, June 8, 8:00am - 11:00am