Ai, Dynamic Compositions, Fiscal Collapse

week one
get skype account & email handle to prof.
know: DF chs 1-6
topics: bauhaus, copyright, img acquisition, dynamic compositions, gestalt, pen tool and masking
in classday 1: intro to dynamic comp, principles of gestalt download proximity and similarity exercise
in class day 2: color studies, the pen tool: download this exercise, masking, pathfinder
assignments: A1 tracing due sunday 16.jan.11

Ps, Figure and Ground, Environmental Collapse

week two
know: DF chs 7-12
read: billboard liberation front manifesto
topics: 21st-c models of production, file size, resolution, tonal range, blending, filters & effects, alpha channels, shape layers, web graphics
in class day 3: image adjustments, histogram, curves, masking
in class day 4: exquisite corpse
assignments: A2 89 textures due

DHTML, Body Metaphors, War

week three
know: xhtml, html and xhtml basics (PDF) and head first dhtml and css (PDF)
watch: epic 2014
topics: design, culture jamming, remix, fair use, xhtml, css
in class day 5: hello world, html, beginning css
in class day 6: classes, ids, external style sheets
assignments: A3 hack a news site, remix the war due

week four
know: DF chs 13-14, css cheat sheet, box model
read: 10 examples of beautful css typography and how they did it, 8 simple ways to improve typography in your designs, the life and extraordinary adventures of a typographical point
topics: positioning, floats, dimension, typography
in class day 7: zen garden
in class day 8: develop typography style in Ai
assignments: A4 develop typography style in Ai, then render using dhtml due sunday

PHP, Js, Self & Other

week five
know:intro to javascript and the DOM:, (intro tutorials/ beginner's manual)
read: hacker manifesto
topics: narrative, non-linearity, javascript
in class day 9: js
in class day 10: php/ mysql
assignments: A5 remix/ update my boyfriend came back from the war using example js files