Assignment Descriptions
A1 due sunday
real wealth
detailed rendering of figure or ground using pen tool
find and image of a person you consider to be wealthy or prosperous in a way that is not based on money or on market gains. place the image in a new illustrator file. lock this image so that it cannot move or be altered. use the pen tool to trace the features and details of the figure. all lines and curves should be closed; there should be no open paths. this tracing should be extremely detailed and demonstrate your mastery of the pen tool. save this file as

A2 due sunday 30.jan.11
89 textures
download grid. place a square of an original texture cut from an image on the outer vertical and horizontal row and column. in the inner squares, match up each image fragment on the horizontal axis with the image fragment from the corresponding vertical axis. use filters, layers, blending options, opacity and fill levels to alter and develop each resulting texture. these textures should display no identifiable features such as body parts, smiley faces, animals, icons, etc. the finished work should result in 89 textures. save this file as A2_lastname_firstname.psd

A3 due sunday
skeleton news.
hack a website: find a website -- it may be a news organization, corporation, government site, etc. -- that you want to critique, expose, or see change. grab the html, css, images, etc. and alter the text and images in order for it to render a new message. your focus should especially be on the theme of war journalism, but you should be throrough and detailed in your treatment of all aspects of the site. this assignment is inspired by the yes men: link to blog.

A4 due sunday
styles + type.
develop typography and imagery for borges' garden of forking paths. design in Ai, then render using dhtml. must employ floats, ul li structure, background-images. due sunday. link to blog.

A5 due sunday
memory + nerves. A5.
remix/ update my boyfriend came back from the war using example js files